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Upcoming Fort Myers Lecture – Buying a New Computer!
Posted on Tuesday November 19, 2013

If you’re pondering the purchase of a new computer this holiday season, then we have an AWESOME lecture you won’t want to miss!! On December 2nd, CSA’s Owner & President Shelly Osterhout will give a lecture covering the many things you need to take in to account before buying a new computer in Fort Myers. Lets face it, your computer is your most important asset! Depending on your work and lifestyle, each PC should be unique to your purpose. Ask yourself: What are the programs and applications that you actually need? Would the computer you’re going to purchase have the programs installed or would you have to buy them separately? What type of virus protection comes with your computer and will your data be safe? Most Fort Myers retail stores sell new computers pre-loaded with 30-day trials full of bloatware and spyware that continuously annoy you with pop-up messages. We literally depend on our computer to make most important personal and business decisions. Join us to find out which computer is perfect for you and the best gift choice for your loved ones for the holidays! Q & A session at end. RSVP to 239-728-2721 or! Bring a friend and be entered into a drawing to WIN a FREE site survey, analysis, and estimate for your business networking plan and how to upgrade to the cloud, $50 off a virus removal or computer clean up, or a FREE SEO analysis and consultation for your website. Entrance fee is only $5 with a portion of the proceeds donated to ACT (abuse, counseling, and treatment for battered and mistreated women). Date: December 2, 2013 Time: 5:00 p.m.—6:30 p.m. Location: 7181 College Parkway #10 Fort Myers, FL 33907

Want to know how Google can simplify your life?
Posted on Friday September 20, 2013

With all of the social, personal and business aspects of your life blending more online you are going to have to find a way to keep everything organized.  Google is probably your best bet to get the job done. Google offers many online services, most of the free, or least the basic features that most people need are free.  If you have gmail account then you already have a Google account and can take advantage of the other services Google offers.  Do you know anything about Google Drive, Google Voice, G+? If you want to learn how to use Google to simplify your life come to the Computer Solutions of America lecture in October.  We are located in Fort Myers at the corner of Kenwood and College Pkwy, at 7181 College Parkway, Suite #10.  We are still working on picking a date that will work for everyone so please check back soon.

Just A Few More Days Before The Next CSA Lecture
Posted on Thursday September 05, 2013

The next lecture in the Computer Solutions of America Lecture Series is just a few days away. Tuesday, September 10th, at the CSA offices in Fort Myers we will be discussing “Should I Fix My Computer Or Buy A New One?”.  The training/lecture will be held at our Fort Myers office at 7181 College Pkwy, Suite 10, near the corner of College Pkwy and 41.  Bring your computer with you to the lecture and receive a FREE DIAGNOSTIC and we will even review a free security risk assessment that includes how many processes you have running in the background, how well your anti-virus software is protecting you, whether you are protected from malware and spyware, and MORE! Even if you can’t make it please let your friends that may be interested know about the lecture.  Please call us at 728-2721 if you have any questions about the lecture, need directions or any other computer or internet related questions.

New Computer Solutions of America Lecture Announced, Should I Fix My Computer Or Get A New One?
Posted on Friday August 30, 2013

The next lecture in the Computer Solutions of America Lecture Series has been announced, Should I Fix My Computer Or Get A New One? We will be holding this lecture in our Fort Myers office near the corner of College Parkway and U.S. 41 on September 10th from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  We will be discussing the hardware and software decisions that you need to make when you are deciding whether or not to get your old computer or laptop repaired.  The lifespan of most computers is 3-5 years.  A lot can change in the world of technology over those years.  Your old computer may not be able to run the new operating systems or other software you may need to run for home or business use. The price of the repair versus putting that money into a new computer will also be discussed.  You may be able to run much more efficiently with a new computer and software which would make the extra cost to upgrade worth it. All these questions and more will be answered during the lecture.  Please let us know on our Facebook Event Page if you are going to attend so we can make sure we have enough room and supplies for everyone. Thanks, and see you then!

What would you like to learn about computers and the internet?
Posted on Wednesday August 21, 2013

Computer Solutions of America is getting ready to hold our next Fort Myers Training Lecture and want to know what you would like to learn about. Would you like to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Would you like to attend a lecture on how to get the most out of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and others?  Would you like to learn how to build a computer?  How about a lecture on virus removal? Learning Windows 8, or how to downgrade to Windows 7? Visit our facebook page and let us know what topic you would like to see covered: Or, you can send your request to us through our email at: Your topic doesn’t have to be one of the topics mentioned above.  If you have something else you would like to learn about just let us know, chances are there will be many people that want to learn about it as well.

Computer Repair and Virus Removal Services in Fort Myers
Posted on Thursday August 15, 2013

We offer a very wide variety of services here at Computer Solutions of America, but two of our core services have always been computer repair and virus removal for laptop and desktop computers here in Fort Myers. We have been in business for around 15 years in the Southwest Florida area and have built up a very loyal following of repeat customers.  We have performed numerous computer upgrades for our customer base as new Windows Updates and Versions have come out.  One of the most popular current services we are offering is “downgrading” computers from Windows 8 to Windows 7.  Although some of our customers like Windows 8 most are more familiar with the layout and functionality of Windows 7.  It’a almost impossible to find a new computer for sale with Windows 7 on it, but Computer Solutions of America can put it on any computer you want. Virus removal is another service we have been offering to customers.  We have removed the FBI Virus from many computers in the Fort Myers area.  It seems that most of the virus protection programs have caught up with the FBI Virus but you can be sure that the bad guys are out there working on the next virus, and we will be here to stop them.  We have recently started offering a new virus protection software to our customers.  Vipre Antivirus 2013 is now the virus removal software that we are recommending to our customers and what we are installing on new computers that we sell. Our small and medium business network installations have also become very popular this year.  Local Fort Myers area businesses are starting to realize how much more efficiently they can operate their business with a local computer network installed in their office.  Office computer networks make file sharing much easier which makes it much easier when a group of people are working on the same project.  The easier it is to share and work together the more efficient your business will become. If you need any help with your computer, or anything computer related, please give Computer Solutions of America a call at 239-728-2721.

Get Your Computer Cleaned Up And Running For School
Posted on Monday August 05, 2013

Hard to believe that summer vacation is over and the kids are getting ready to go back to school, or already back to school in some cases. Computers are basically a necessity for today’s students, and many need to take a laptop to some of their classes.  Now is the time to get your computers cleaned up and running at peak performance.  Your home computers probably logged a lot of time on video game sites and other Internet sites while the kids were off from school.  There is no telling what viruses, malware, tracking cookies and other programs your computer could have possibly picked up in a summer’s worth of internet surfing. Bring your laptop or desktop computer into Computer Solutions of America at 7181 College Pkwy, Suite 10 for a free diagnostic of your “Back To School” computer.

Use Facebook To Promote Your Fort Myers Business
Posted on Wednesday July 24, 2013

The next lecture in the Computer Solutions of America series of seminars is “Use Facebook For Your Business”. Join us at the Computer Solutions of America office in Fort Myers next week, August 1st, and let Shelly teach you how to use Facebook to promote your business.  She will discuss the differences between Facebook profiles and pages, and which is the best to use under certain conditions.  Learn how to get your business information spread throughout facebook when you post updates to your profiles and pages.  You will also find out how to get more Likes and Friends to your facebook accounts. With Social Media becoming more important to Search Engine Rankings you need to use and maintain your Social Media accounts, and Facebook is #1 in the Social Media world. Be sure to attend the lecture next Thursday, August 1st at 4:00 pm at our office, 7181 College Parkway, Suite 10.

Networking and Lecture – Phone Apps to Simplify Your Life and Business
Posted on Tuesday July 02, 2013

Join us on Wednesday, July 10 after work at 5:30pm for some networking and a lecture on “Phone Apps that can Simplify Your Life”. Relax and enjoy the company of some great business contacts while learning how your Smart Phone can save you time (which is money). In 2013, we are spoiled with technology that does everything for us so let’s take advantage of it! Does your Smart Phone frustrate you? It shouldn’t. Your Smart Phone should be your best friend and we will show you how it can be. BRING A FRIEND TO RECEIVE A FREE FLASH DRIVE! BRING A BUSINESS CARD TO BE ENTERED TO WIN A FREE VIRUS REMOVAL! CLICK HERE TO RSVP on Facebook or by calling 239-728-2721! $5 Entry fee at the door.

Downgrade Your Computer From Windows 8 to Windows 7
Posted on Friday June 14, 2013

Here at Computer Solutions of America in Fort Myers we have had a lot of customers come in asking if we can downgrade their new computers from Windows 8 to Windows 7.   Of course we can! A lot of customers can’t get used to the new Operating System that seems like it belongs more on a tablet than on a desktop or notebook computer.  Some customers are also having problems getting their older software to run on Windows 8.  Our business customers don’t have the time to train all of their employees on how to use Windows 8 and any software changes they may have to make. Another common complaint we are hearing is that people don’t like the fact that the Windows 8 Start Menu is so much different than previous editions. It doesn’t really matter what your reason is.  If you want to downgrade your personal or business computers just give us a call at 239-728-2721 and we will make any changes you want. We also do normal computer cleanups, virus removals and other computer repair services right here in our office.  Computer Solutions of America also performs onsite repairs and service and may even be able to login to your computer over the internet and remotely fix your computer.

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