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Ready to set up a wireless network in your home? Contact CSA to get it done quickly so you can start enjoying the freedom of your new home network! We'll send a certified technician with expertise in home networking and wireless configuration - same day service available. We will: Connect the router and configure the firmware to communicate with your ISP, Configure the router and your devices, Test each of your devices to ensure 100% compatibility, and Secure and encrypt your network so your neighbors or other hackers can't get in.

To schedule a visit, call us at (239) 728-2721 and (239) 332-2721

Wireless Network Repair

Is your wireless network down? We can often diagnose problems with our remote support option. A technician will connect directly to your system and have you back on track in no time! CSA will: Diagnose and troubleshoot to determine the problem, and Repair your wireless network.


Business Networking

Is your business in need of a Computer Network? Let Computer Specialists of America set up a secure and reliable computer infrastructure so your business can benefit from increased productivity. A certified technician will: Conduct a free site survey and speak with you to evaluate your network needs, Compose a network solution that fits your business needs, Set up and configure your router, Set up and configure your servers and your workstations, and Implement network security measures to ensure that your confidential business data is protected from hackers and hijackers.

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