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Computer Upgrades

memory upgrades

System & Memory Upgrades

Unhappy with your computer's performance? Boost system performance today! CSA can evaluate your PC, recommend an appropriate solution for your system based on your needs, and handle all of the upgrades and installations for you.

Memory upgrades & installations

Upgrading your PC's system memory (RAM) is the best way to increase overall system performance. Let CSA help you by: Evaluating whether additional RAM is appropriate for your system, Ordering the correct RAM for your PC, Installing memory in your machine, and Testing and fine-tuning your system.

Operating system upgrades

Are you nervous about upgrading an old operating system? CSA can handle the project from start to finish, including: Upgrading your core operating system, Cleansing your system, Hard drive wipes, and Installing and configuring software updates, security patches, drivers and much more.

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