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Shelly OsterhoutComputer Solutions of America offers a variety of computer related services to Southwest Florida. From web design, database development, removing viruses, to setting up your new computer, CSA is the right fit for the job. Schedule an appointment or bring your machine to our storefront on College Pkwy today! We offer everything from networking your home or office to boosting your computer's performance to setting up your software and getting your business up and running. At CSA, our standard is that of excellence. Email us today with any questions, comments, or if you would like to receive a newsletter.

Shelly Osterhout - President

Unparalleled experience

Computer Solutions of America has been going strong for over 15 years offering Southwest Florida technology solutions for businesses and individuals.   We pride ourselves in servicing the individual needs of our customers and ensuring their technology needs are met.  We began in Naples, FL offering computer repair and database design.  A big difference in our computer repair and our competitors is we do everything we can to ensure your data and programs stay intact.  The common practice when you get a virus (malicious software including hijack, trojans, worms, keyloggers) is to reformat (wipe the harddrive).  The problem here is that you lose all of your programs and data unless they are backed up plus your printer needs to be reinstalled since you are basically using a brand new computer.   Inevitably something is missed and the stress begins.

Honest computer repair

At CSA, we do not reformat infected computers unless your operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista) is deeply infected.   We understand that your data is extremely important and has taken you years to acquire.  You can feel comfortable dropping off your computer or allowing us to remote into your computer knowing your data and programs will remain the same as before you got infected.  Plus most virus removals can be completed in one business day!  Our goal is to provide you with the education and software to ensure you don’t need to bring your computer back to us therefore you can tell your friends and family how CSA has saved you time and money!

CSA repairs computers just like they are our own personal computer.  If you need a new hard drive, power supply, motherboard, laptop screen, or laptop keyboard, we are qualified and Microsoft Certified technicians.   Believe it or not, it is still less expensive to fix your existing computer than to buy a new computer most of the time.  We don’t believe in pushing our clients into a new computer just because a faster processor is available.  If you only need a Pentium 4 processor and it is less expensive to fix your computer we advise you the best and least expensive way to meet your technology needs.

A solution for every IT need

There are times when a new computer is the best or only option.   We are happy to build you a custom desktop computer.   Even if you need an older operating system, like Windows XP, CSA can provide a simple or a gaming computer just for you!  Need additional video cards for multiple monitors, we can install them!   Additional memory for more speed can be taken care of same day!

Businesses have specific technology needs that we understand.  Business servers and employee computers can be custom built with data back up in mind.  Productivity and data integrity are taken into consideration with each custom build and while networking the computers.   Installation of the specific programs needed for your business including custom database programs to accounting programs like Quickbooks are part of your new computer set up.  A professional data backup is the final step after your new computers are networked.  Your business productivity is optimized and safe.

Websites are how the world views your business or individual needs.  CSA has several website designers on staff.  Each website is designed based on the clients desires and internet demands.  You don’t just get a great looking website, you get a potential money maker.  We produce brochure websites, ecommerce, and search engine optimized websites.  Your website can be designed using HTML hand coding or using a content management system so you can make revisions to your website.  Websites are a vital part of your business and CSA determines the best marketing strategy.

Internet marketing (SEO-Search Engine Optimization) is instrumental in your internet presence.  This ever changing service is provided by our trained professionals.  There are various plans that meet your needs and budget.  Don’t end up like the millions of website owners that are wondering why their website is not making them any money.  A website is only as good as its advertising, whether it is by word of mouth or strategic internet marketing.  CSA can provide your website with the traffic you need to increase your profit!

A database is software that stores your important data.  CSA has programmers on staff that develop and manage web-based databases for your business.  Your data is now cloud based, as safe as your website.  Simple or complex databases can be completed with your specific business needs in mind.

Call us today!

Full service technology just for you!  CSA is ready to support you and your business.  Our office is located at 7181 College Parkway, Fort Myers, FL  33907.  We support clients all over the world by remote access, so don’t stress when you are traveling, CSA can still help you!  If you are located in Southwest Florida we are happy to visit your home or business.   Technology can be simplified and CSA is here to help!

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