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Database Development

Custom Programming
Database Development

Custom Programming

We offer custom web solutions, hand-coded in house to meet all of your business needs. No outsourcing.

Database Development

CSA will develop and install your database and administration software on a remote server or at your place of business.


CSA will design a state of the art database from scratch based on your specifications.

Programming Languages

Your business’s proprietary information is extremely important and it is crucial that it remains safe, organized and intact. CSA offers a number of small business database solutions that are tailored exactly to your business needs.

Whether you need to set up a brand new database of your information assets, restructure or modify your existing database or just have your database managed and backed up periodically, CSA is the right fit for you.

Call us today to set up an appointment so we can determine the best database solution for your business. Do away with paper records completely and modernize your business with a state of the art database.


Our Database & Programming Services

  • Custom PHP, .NET, jQuery, Javascript, CGI/Perl web programming
  • Build a custom MySQL or SQL database
  • Create a database administration system
  • Restructure an existing database to suit your changing business
  • Utilize one of the many Content Management Systems
  • Create a custom Content Management System
  • Manage and back up your database

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